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We are adivasi, bahujan and dalit women. Here we share our thoughts about our lives and the society we live in, including conflicts with the self, family, and community. These are perspectives from our history and our dreams for the future. Here we are in conversations with each other, with the men from our communities, and others. Inspired by our foremothers, the free-spirited, knowledge bearing, community healers of the Saura people, this space is named Savari. Savari group: Authors and Organizers.

Members of Savari continue the traditions of the anti-caste struggles of our ancestors, elders, sisters, and brothers from all parts of South Asia. The dream of an equal world underlies each and every conversation here. If you are one of us -adivasi, bahujan or dalit (irrespective of religion) from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and would like to be an active member, please contact us. If you are someone who would like to engage with us in these conversations, we welcome you in the belief that you come here from a place of respect, concern, and awareness that this space is primarily guided by gender justice and anti-caste perspectives. Contact:


28 Responses to We are

  1. PRASHANT says:

    great efforts, i strongly believe without eliminating caste and its ideology of inequality one cannot talk about equality and justice. i do not see gender and caste in opposition as seen and believed in academics or in general people understanding. any movement which is to eliminate gender differences must and is also against caste and anti caste movement itself are to eliminate gender differences. what is important is to reject caste in all its forms and gender is one of them. the source of all problems is ideology and the source is brahminism. reject, resist, protest against brahminism. all those who see gender and caste as different and in opposition are the one who always wants to preserve caste through gender.

  2. PRASHANT says:

    it is only through gender in general and control over women body that men have been able to preserve the order of inequality in all forms. if women are liberated it will bring peace, justice, equality in the world. it is through control over their bodies they have succeeded in preserving the very structures of exploitation, suppression, violence. if women are free they will crumble down all other inequalities. in india caste is reproduced, retained through control over women body. women are controlled so that they keep producing different and graded human beings.

  3. Vidyut says:

    I would like to engage with you. I believe in human dignity.

  4. bhupendra prasad says:

    infact i m truely impressd with the effort.

  5. Vijay says:

    If you want to measure the development of any community, you can measure from the development of that community‘s women. I strongly believe that we are developing and we are going to the right destination.

  6. manasi says:

    I am with u in this great intiative.

  7. Geeta Charusivam says:

    I support you fully in your struggle.

  8. Ekta says:

    I support you 🙂 I am health professional and researcher, please feel free to contact me…i hope i can be of some help! Best wishes

  9. shiva thorat says:

    keep it up…….
    hum tumhare sath hai..
    hum means who against injustice, womens slavery, against the casticism classicism.

  10. More power to you! I’m Project Director of Child’s Play (India) Foundation that seeks to achieve social empowerment through music education. We teach disadvantaged children to play orchestral instruments, in the process learning much more than just that. This has been tried in other parts of the world with spectacular results (notably in Latin America).
    While musical excellence is one of the aims, I was motivated to begin this because I was (and continue to be) disturbed by social disparity and injustice.

    Keep up your good work, and I’m a fan already of your initiative!

  11. Ujithra Ponniah says:

    Great initiative and a much required one. Thank you for taking the lead. All solidarity and support!

  12. Ranjana Padhi says:

    Great initiative. I would like to engage with you all certainly.

  13. sukhy says:

    As a teacher I am so proud of you women, count me in in your struggles and triumphs as I know the progress is possible for us all, all women, men and children of the world.

    I am engaging my colleagues here in Canada to make them aware of Dr. ambedkar and Savitri bail phulle’s victories

    continue on

  14. bhagya says:

    Jaibheem to savari frineds,
    it is very great effort to have our own magazine.we are also running a magazine in telugu called samaantara voice and spreading the ideologies of Mahatma Phule,Babasaheb and Kanshiram. i am interested to introduce your articles and discussions into telugu through our magazine if you agreed. let me know.



  15. chandrakant jayant says:

    we are with you and i will try to add more people in this struggle.

  16. Ajinkya says:

    Is there a newsletter I can subscribe to, to get regular updates when something new is posted? I don’t use an RSS reader.

  17. RAHUL SARAF says:



  18. Sadhna Arya says:

    It is a great initiative. Would like to be associated with it. Would like to have any reading material produced by you.
    in solidarity

  19. sangharsh says:

    Jai Bhim,

    Impressed. Very Nice. How can I contribute?.

  20. Jeevz says:

    An excellent initiative, best wishes and keep it up.

  21. Savitha says:

    HI iam a Dalit Women i want to be a memeber of this group…

    Jai Beem

    Jai Bhuddham

  22. Venu MK says:

    I am retired PSU Manager belonging to SC from Kerala.Right now located in Ireland and likely to be back in September.I have some idea for the betterment of our people which can be discussed and modified if your organisation has got coverage up to the grass level.Looking forward to the pleasure of hearing from you.

  23. Raghu says:

    Good initiative
    Am with you

    From Mangalore

  24. VIJAY says:

    I thank you for valuable work.

  25. At the outset I would wish You Very Happy 125th Birth Anniversary of Baba Sahab, this remarkable initiative will definitely go a long way in realising the aspirations of women folk.Thanks for sharing this valuable information .

  26. Vinay says:

    I am vinay kankonkar from Goa. recently i had completed my MA degree in political science in Goa University. I always thing that how and why our community is backward in our society. I would like to associated with this organisation, also like to be your part of ur institute.

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