Babasaheb on Maternity Benefit Bill in 1928

Recently, the Indian Parliament approved an amendment to the Maternity Benefit Bill 2016 that raised maternity leave to 26 weeks from 12 weeks for women working in the organized sector. Maternity Benefit was legally introduced in India for the first time in the Bombay Legislative Council. Dr Ambedkar supported and defended it. It is instructive to revisit his arguments in the Bombay Legislative Council in 1928.

Celebrating his 126th Birthday, we reproduce a section from Volume 2 of Dr. Babasa…

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Brahmin Feminism sans Brahmin Patriarch

Kanika S
This article was first published here on Round Table India.
It has almost become common sense that feminism has been shaped exclusively by a class of women that came from Brahmin-Savarna castes in India, to the extent that even trashy Brahminical platforms like The Quint have also had to recently float articles admitting the same when it was no longer possible to be seen as “progressive” without acknowledging this. Anyhow the proposition was easily verifiable by the social locations o…

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An Appeal from Ligimol CK

Ligimol C K
I am Ligimol C K. One year ago I was residing in a rented house owned by Mr. Johnson in Eloor. After some days he stormed to my room along with his wife to beat me and he abused me a lot and moreover insulted me by calling my caste name. Many a times he abused me and called me with caste name. Several times he peeped at me while I am taking bath and he often put mirror in angle to watch me while I am washing clothes. He cut my drinking water connection using hacksaw blade. Even thou…

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Wherever Caste exists in the World, Ambedkar and Marx will remain Irreconcilable

Dr Manisha Bangar
This article was first published here in Round Table India.
In India, and wherever in the world Caste exists, Ambedkar and Marx will remain Irreconcilable.

Starting from the incidents in Hyderabad Central University in August 2015 when the students of ASA were ostracized, and more so after the Institutional murder of Rohith Vemula in January 2016, after the Una atrocity in July 2016, and in the ongoing victimization and institutional and non-institutional atrocities on Mus…

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Empowered by Babasaheb's Words

Ruia Prasad
I think my first introduction to Babasaheb Ambedkar came from my father’s ramblings on long drives back from my mother’s night classes. Undoubtedly I had none of the patience a 10-year-old could afford to have for old men trapped in history books and the monologues of equally old fathers! But it was interesting to see my father actually enjoy talking about something for once, even if he knew his audience had no clue what he was saying. Times were really tough for us financially, eve…

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Bhima's Force shall Keep Growing...

Pradnya Jadhav

This article first appeared here on Round Table India.
Babasaheb’s people have held him in their hearts in high regard without waiting for him to die and appear in any textbook. The supreme form of Ambedkarism is reflected in the songs about Babasaheb, are popularly known as Bhimgeete, composed and sung long before he became a subject of intellectual interest. The masses deprived of education were the first people to understand Ambedkar. They honoured him with the respectful n…

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A Boy Comes to See You

This article was first published here in Round Table India and has been translated by Rahi Gaikwad
How should one feel when a boy comes to see you? Today, he came to see me.

What exactly does this mean? When a girl ‘comes of age,’ she is deemed too young to engage in romantic relationships or friendship with the opposite sex, but capable enough to marry and lead a married life. Her father or a male head of the family (yes male, because women do not have this right) looks for a groom…..

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Towards Ambedkar’s Ideas, A Journey Of Self Transformation

Suravee Nayak
The call for articles on the theme “What Ambedkar Means to Me” made me look back at my life, and reflect upon what Babasaheb Ambedkar meant to me. In modern India, it is widely believed that the caste system does not exist anymore. The ‘progressive’ society that I lived in took me into its confidence and I believed that despite being a Dalit, I will not be treated as one. However, I was made to realize gradually by the same society that after all, I am a Dalit and caste is my unde…

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Reaching Babasaheb through the Ambedkarite Community

Chandana Chandragiri
I was born and brought up in a metropolitan city. Bangalore. I attended one of the most elite schools in Bangalore. I never felt like I belonged there. I always felt like some sort of a loser growing up. Most people didn’t talk to me or even touch me in school. Even the one friend I had by the end of school openly expressed shame at the fact that she was friends with me. She said to me that she doesn’t know why she’s friends with me because I always embarrassed her and I wa…

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फिल्म पार्च्ड और स्त्रीवाद: क्या सब औरतों की कहानी एक है?

(This article first appeared here in Round Table India on October 17, 2016)
 आशा सिंह

कई दिनों से देख रही हूँ कि हमारे दलित-बहुजन साथी लीना यादव की फिल्म Parched की तारीफ कर रहे हैं।  मेरे इस आलेख का आधार इस फिल्म की विषयवस्तु और इसके निर्देशक का साक्षात्कार है (देखें National Dastak, You Tube)।i

फिल्म लज्जो, बिजली, रानी नामक तीन तथाकथित ‘ग्रामीण’ महिला किरदारों की कहानी है। लज्जो ‘बाँझ’ है, रानी ‘विधवा’ है और बिजली ‘डांसर व सेक्स वर्कर’ है। लीना यादव कहती हैं कि उन्हें इस फिल्म को बनान…

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